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Two questions: 1. What video editing software do you use? 2. Have you considered uploading your videos anywhere other than YouTube? They are fantastic and I would hate for them to be hit with copyright claims and forced to be taken down.

1. Sony Vegas Pro 12

2. First of all, thank you(!), and I’ve considered uploading to either Vimeo or DailyMotion as a backup plan; I make sure to register each video under creative commons so I can’t make any money off of them, which puts up a small wall (but a wall no less) between the video and a copyright claim.

Video Announcements - In Production and Beyond

I’m currently working on a ‘Theatrical Trailer’ for Neon Genesis Evangelion, as a sort of successor to the 'To Build a Home' Teaser Trailer, this time focusing more on the grand scale of Evangelion’s conflict, working more as a cinematic sizzle trailer. For this, I require some help: If anybody can find quotes of praise/endorsement from any reputable source or individual, be it a reviewer or industry commentator, please send me a message with the source and the quote, and I may be able to use it in the trailer! It’s highly likely that I’ll be doing this for Rebuild of Evangelion as well, depending on the reception of these.

I’m also currently in planning for a series of character-focused ‘Interludes’, which will be short, intimate, and custom-tailored videos looking at each of Evangelion’s main characters, set to a series of inspired musical choices. I’ll be releasing these in no particular order, and still debating whether to focus on just Neon Genesis Evangelion or Rebuild as well - either way, I’m sure they’ll be enjoyable to watch and edit!

Last, but not least, I’m announcing that I’ll be doing a successor to TOUCH: An Ode to Evangelion… after Evangelion 4.0: [FINAL] is released on Blu-Ray. It’s going to be focused mostly on the events of Final, and my musical choice is entirely based on my prediction of the tone and thematic content of the film as the final end to Evangelion. To my analysis of Rebuild and the series in general, going into my musical choice for a thematic representation of what I imagine the feeling coming out of 4.0 will be: don’t let me down.


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Love the blog, I've become a huge fan of the Rebuild movies over the summer and plan on watching the original series again relatively soon. My question is, what is the source for the background on this page? It's very pretty.

Thank you! I’ve been thinking I’m due for a rewatch of the series (by which I mean in narrative chronological order, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End of Evangelion, Rebuild of Evangelion) as well.

Source of the image is from the 2014-15 Studio Khara Calendar.

I am a big fan of Japanese animation. They make movies [that] look at the darker themes and I am fascinated by what they do. I love animation. It allows me to be free to create a character that is totally different than me. And with the Japanese, every film pushes the envelope a little further.

Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

An avid fan of Evangelion (as well as Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and Akira, among others), on the value of anime in the world of animation. A good guy, now he can fly. I’m not sure about having a silver sword that kills bad guys, nor being sixty feet tall, but a tremendous presence to be lost for sure. [x]

Personally, a long-time favorite actor of mine, giving mainstream credibility to anime. As somebody who has suffered from severe depression, and funneled into my work, I feel great sadness for the loss of a man who put on a face of happiness for his work, giving so much to the rest of the world, even when his heart was wrapped in sadness.

"This world is overflowing with with sorrow. Its people are drowning in emptiness and loneliness fills their hearts."

Rest in Peace - Your work and influence goes undying.

When one feels isolated, like there’s nobody left in the world they can trust or love, including themselves, it’s only natural they resort to sleeping with one eye open. These are the ones that never want to wake up again.
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When one feels isolated, like there’s nobody left in the world they can trust or love, including themselves, it’s only natural they resort to sleeping with one eye open. These are the ones that never want to wake up again.
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When one feels isolated, like there’s nobody left in the world they can trust or love, including themselves, it’s only natural they resort to sleeping with one eye open. These are the ones that never want to wake up again.

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Have you considered reblogging character analysis essays? I ask because there's some really eyeopening ones I've read lately, mostly on fiendswithbenefits ' analysis page. There's also a very fascinating Kaji analysis on fujiij 's blog. I'd like to see some of them on this blog because there doesn't seem to be a tumblr blog that gathers all NGE metas in one place. (You shouldn't have to publish this, just letting you know.)

I’ll reblog essays once in a black moon, but only if they fit the content of this particular blog. If there’s something I’m trying to say about a certain character, theme, relationship, or image, I’ll try my best to say it myself; The Evangelion Complex is largely based around my perspective rather than many. It sounds a bit egotistical, but it’s mainly to keep the integrity and identity of a single, distinct outlook on the series, which I like to think people follow for, be it in images, text, or video.

Also, I love answering and responding to Asks in my Inbox, but it would be highly appreciated if Askers could avoid anonymous messages; it’s difficult to respond to some without the option to send a private message back to the sender and ask for further context or simply make a response without having to make a post on the blog about it. So that said, everybody feel free to send as many ID-inclusive messages and questions as you’d like! I’ve been neglecting my Inbox as of late, and I want to make a change in that soon.


TOUCH - An Ode to Evangelion
featuring Touch by Daft Punk & Paul Williams

From death to rebirth. From deconstruction to reconstruction. From the highest highs to the lowest lows. The shattered world’s best and brightest are some of the most broken and dark of souls. All humanity has is humanity itself, and nobody can figure themselves out well enough to connect with others. In the season of its impending doomsday, the world seems distant and hopeless, but even so, within the palm of everyone’s hand is an offering of the most life-affirming kind: touch.

This is Evangelion.

Dedicated to every fan and follower of the blog who has helped it to continuously to grow and thrive amongst the Evangelion fanbase. This is my pinnacle for what I’ve been able to do in an attempt to show and share my love for this awe-inspiring series, and something I’ve wanted to do for a very, very long time. That time is now.

Thank you all.